March 2015

Sal De La Zona De Comodidad y Entra a La Zona De Dios / Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone and Enter Into God’s Zone

February 2015

A bad chapter doesn’t indicate the end, rather the beginning of a new one.

Sunday Message 2_1_2015

January 2015

Sunday Messe 1_18_2015

Sunday Message 1_11_2015

Sunday Message 1_4_2015

March 2014

Levantante, El Te Llama / Get Up, He’s Calling You

Busca las piedras, Prepara la espada y elimina el gigante

Tu tienes un poder secreto, y Dios quiere revelarlo / You got a secret power and God wants to reveal it.

February 2014

“Si entendieras el Reino, vivirias como gente de Reino”  “If you understood the Kingdom, you would live like people of the Kingdom.”